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3 Tips To Be Productive Even When You’re Not Feeling It

Today’s one of those days where I just don’t really feel in the mood to get things done. Often times, it’s hard to pinpoint the causes. We wake up and we just feel like doing nothing. Instead, we’d prefer to take a break off or just sleeping more. Today’s one of those days. It’s often hard to pinpoint exactly why we feel that way. We may be be tired from yesterday, burn out from repetitive work, discouraged, or even being hungry? It’s hard to know, but there are things that I found helpful for myself. They may be helpful for you too! 

1. Tell yourself to get even just a little done. 

Tell yourself that you know today’s not going to be a productive day but you are going to do the best you can. This helps you acknowledge the problem and forces you to be realistic. Sometimes, people feel ashamed of themselves for feeling the way they do; but if you can acknowledge your feelings then it will help you move forward. Hence, tell yourself “Yes, today I don’t feel like working because I feel overworked, but I will get as few things done as possible instead.” You may not get as many things done, but at least you will have something done. Getting something even just a little done can make tomorrow less burdensome for you and help you progress closer to your goals. Take baby steps because those baby steps make a difference. 

2. Get your favorite food or snack and put it in front your work place.

Maybe you’re hungry? Or maybe you’re just tired? Eating something you like can be a big motivator. Just having your favorite snack or drink in front of you while working can make you feel a whole lot better.

Right now, I am  staring at computer screen and having some of my favorite snacks beside me already makes me feel a lot better. It also serves as a reward and makes you feel less negative about having nothing good in your life. 

Fig: My Desk (July 30) with snacks :)

3. Plan out something fun that you could do later today; (aka: Reward Yourself)

Hopefully, you didn’t wake up too late that you will be missing out things that you could do for the day. Lucky for myself, I woke up just before 12 leaving me with at least 12 more hours to do fun stuff outside if I wanted to. There were past experiences where I woke up at like 5-6 pm and I felt even more groggier because I already lost most of the days. It felt even worse knowing that today’s not going to be a productive day and that I won’t even have time to do anything outside if I wanted to (since by the time I get my work done, it will already be night time and no places are really opened). If you can, force yourself to wake up just a bit earlier on days you expect to feel not good cause at least you can apply these steps above. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this article and me rumbling about my bad day. If you know more tips to help be more productive on bad days, reblog this and comment. 

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